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The Fifth Dimension of Trading Forex

The Fifth Dimension of Trading Forex: User Functions

Is every Expert Advisor the same?  No, of course not.

But most have the same purpose: To open and close buy and sell trades. (Maybe you call them long and short trades).

That’s why when you start a new VTS system with my awesomely powerful EA Builder, you’re asked if you want to create drawings for the four famous trading functions:

  • OpenBuy
  • OpenSell
  • CloseBuy
  • CloseSell

There’s nothing special about these drawings. Each is really just a Logic Element connected to a trading function. You could easily draw them yourself.

Speaking of creating drawing functions, I show you how in my EA Builder video (at about 6:10)

Creating your own drawings adds a completely new dimension to the free-range drawing ability of VTS. Remember, after you save your drawing, it’s available from the Toolbox to be dragged and dropped onto another drawing.

All of the complexity of your drawing is now represented by a single element. 

This is huge. This simple concept allows your mind to collapse the complexity of the drawing and see it as a single block.

It frees you to think at a higher level.   That is real progress my friend.


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