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Forex Trading: When does Luck Matter?

Forex Trading: When Luck Matters I hate to use a gambling analogy when discussing FOREX trading. But it is just so appropriate. Most experienced FOREX traders would be offended if you compared them to a gambler, as well they should be. There is a distinct and extremely important difference between a responsible […]

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Fail-Forward Forex

Failing Forward on the Forex Market 25 years ago I failed college algebra. Actually, I got a D. This is not technically failing, but since you needed a C average to get into the engineering school, it was not good news. Now getting a D in college algebra might not be the end of […]

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The Fifth Dimension of Trading Forex

The Fifth Dimension of Trading Forex: User Functions Is every Expert Advisor the same?  No, of course not. But most have the same purpose: To open and close buy and sell trades. (Maybe you call them long and short trades). That’s why when you start a new VTS system with my awesomely powerful EA Builder, […]

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