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Create Your Own Trading Drawing

Create your own Trading Drawing If you forget to check one of the boxes to create a close or open trade drawing when you first start your VTS system, you can easily add one at anytime. Remember, it’s just a drawing that has a logic element and a trading function. […]

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A simple drawing that shows how to configure the fnClose function to close an order by it’s magic number. VTS System Zip File: CloseBuyMagicNumber.zip   iExpertAdvisor – MetaTrader Expert Advisor Builders

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EMA Trading System

This is a trading system that a client requested. It used an EMA and an offset, a trailing stop, a time restraint and a profit exit. I may rebuild this as I did not implement the open-buy rule 100% correct. (I’m still testing this upload process). Here are the rules […]

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Reversal Expert Advisor Drawing

Reversal Expert Advisor Drawing The attached VTS system is a single-drawing that implements a reversal system. It uses the function fnGetOpenOrderInfo twice: once get the number of open orders (MyTotal) once to get the type of open order (MyOrderType) It uses 2 Logics one to set the order type (OP_SELL […]

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Signal Aggregate Plug-in for VTS-Connect Expert Advisor Builder

Fuzzy Logic Made Easy

Fuzzy Logic Made Easy Not everything about trading is black and white. One of the major limitations of modern trading systems is the inflexible logic used to generate standard trading signals. You know, rigid trading rules like “If today’s close price is higher than yesterday’s close price, then buy“. Sometimes […]

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