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Fuzzy Logic Made Easy

Fuzzy Logic Made Easy

Not everything about trading is black and white.

One of the major limitations of modern trading systems is the inflexible logic used to generate standard trading signals. You know, rigid trading rules like “If today’s close price is higher than yesterday’s close price, then buy“.

Signal Aggregate Plug-in for VTS-Connect Expert Advisor Builder

Signal Aggregate Plug-in for VTS-Connect Expert Advisor Builder

Sometimes a rule that will work, sometimes it won’t.

It’s not always black and white. There is a “gray” area.

Until now, it’s been difficult to code “gray” area fuzzy logic into an Expert Advisor without writing thousands of lines of custom MQL code.

That’s what the Signal Aggregator Plug-in is for: It allows you to assign a different level of importance to each of your trading rules. We call these “weights”.

Assigning a weight to a trading rule allows you to describe it’s relative importance to your trading strategy, without letting the rule to dominate the behavior of your EA.

The  Signal Aggregator let’s you implement fuzzy logic and take advantage of those gray area decisions in the FOREX market.

You can learn more about the  Signal Aggregator here

This is a link to the documentation:  Signal Aggregator User Guide

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