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EA Questions and Answers

EA Questions and Answers

Recently Asked Questions (RAQ) When it comes to building and executing Expert Advisors, most traders have a few questions.  I’ve found through the years that many of the questions are the same. These questions are easily supported using a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). However, some questions are unique and are […]

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MetaTrader Build 600 Released. Big MQL Changes that Make MT4 More Like MT5

MetaTrader Build 600 Released. Big MQL Changes that Make MT4 More Like MT5

MetaTrader Build 600 has been Released Please see the bottom of this post for the latest updates. On February 4th, MetaQuotes released build 600. This is a major update of MetaTrader 4. Some brokers will push the update to you when you connect. You should contact your broker to find […]

by February 7, 2014 0 comments EA Builders
Signal Aggregate Plug-in for VTS-Connect Expert Advisor Builder

Fuzzy Logic Made Easy

Fuzzy Logic Made Easy Not everything about trading is black and white. One of the major limitations of modern trading systems is the inflexible logic used to generate standard trading signals. You know, rigid trading rules like “If today’s close price is higher than yesterday’s close price, then buy“. Sometimes […]

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Magic Number Parameter on fnOpenOrder (OrderSened)

MetaTrader Magic Number

MetaTrader Magic Number A magic number is used to identify a trade. When a trade is opened by an Expert Advisor, a magic number can be associated with the trade. The MQL function used to open a trade is called OrderSend.  (The OrderSend function can be difficult to configure) OrderSend […]

by October 11, 2013 3 comments EA Builders, MQL
The iExpertAdvisor ADVANTANGE Club

The iExpertAdvisor ADVANTANGE Club

The iExpertAdvisor ADVANTAGE Club offers constant access to the latest, unique and powerful MetaTrader algorithmic trading solutions offered by iExpertAdvisor. You can learn more here: http://www.iexpertadvisor.com/vts-iexpertadvisor-advantage-club.asp   iExpertAdvisor – MetaTrader Expert Advisor Builders

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